Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Brief Update on Posting Frequency

I've now starting consuming Blood Royal. I don't want to give anything away, so my likes and dislikes will be kept to nil in posts. There'll also be no sum-ups of the story and, well, anything revolving around the words in the book. In the meantime, an occasional weekly post will be delivered on whatever subject relating to Kal Jerico seems to take my interest.
With not-so-much to analyse anymore I'm a little low on things to post about. It's just the transition from comics to novels. That piled with my want to review each novel as a whole story, much like I did with the comics. The good news is each Kal Jerico novel clocks in at twelve chapters (if you include Prologues and Epilogues). They're novellas. I'll be through them in no time. To stay somewhat professional I'll hold back from using emoticons, but I'm smiling at this knowledge. I'll be starting the fourth chapter of Blood Royal later this evening. All feelings on the matter are also off limits (until the review, that is).
I'll be penning my previously announced waypoint post before this week is up. Hold fast.


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