Friday, 23 November 2012

Live-Action Kal Jerico - A Missed Opportunity

Before I start, I’d like to attribute this idea to its originator. A week or so ago now I was searching Kal Jerico in different formats, as has become the norm about reviews. Normally I'm interested to see where my page or the images I've uploaded rank on Google. How exactly I stumbled across this eludes my memory. It seems likely that it was to do with my Yolanda And Scabbs review. Somehow I ended up on this page.
Amid all the fangirls, animated gifs, and shirtless photos I came across, one comment stood out. To make the searching a whole lot easier, here’s a link. And since I read it, I've been unable to remove the idea from my mind.
I've never been a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I never even got into it. But I have watched a good many episodes, and I can remember James Masters’ performance as Spike. It’s a near perfect match to the underhive bounty hunter. Sure, facially he doesn't look too similar, but his range of expressions is by no means far off. It’s quite spookily accurate to be honest.
Just sit down and watch an episode of Buffy featuring Spike after reading some Kal Jerico and tell me he doesn't possess the qualities to play the role. The way he jokes, acts, reacts, thinks and holds an archaic noble air – it’s all spot on. Even better his hair has been both hues that Kal Jerico's is, both naturally and with dye. Put him through a parkour course and ‘90s James Masters would've been a great Kal Jerico.
Unfortunately, here lies the problem. While James has aged well he’s evidently older than thirty. This paired with Games Workshop’s distrust of letting anyone make movies or series based on their material and you have one hell of a missed opportunity.

Catch you all soon.

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