Monday, 12 November 2012

Listed - My Favourite To Least Favourite Kal Jerico Comics

Originally I thought to do my post-comic thoughts on Kal Jerico characters. Seeing as my sleep has driven into the wrong side of lunacy however, my tired mind craves something a little less demanding. That’s where my mind tells me now would be a good time to list Kal Jerico episodes from my favourite to least favourite.
There will be no lengthy in-depth analytics that my autistic mind is most comfortable with as a format reviewing. No, I’ll be clearing up where each episode stands with me. This may seem a little strange as I've already given my opinions of Kal Jerico episodes along with a rating, but this is where my analytical side takes over. I’ll be clearing up which 6.5 out of 10 I like more than the other. This is me setting the record completely straight, and with no real explanation. Here they are:

1.      Nemo (8.5)
2.      Above & Beyond (8.2)
3.      Raintown (8.0)
4.      Killing Time (8.0)
5.      Motherlode (7.6)
6.      Yolanda (7.5)
7.      Code of Honour (7.0)
8.      +++Colours (7.0)
9.      The Nemo Agenda (6.5)
10.   Licenced to Kill (6.5)
11.   Homecoming (6.5)
12.   The Hit (6.5)
13.   Redemption (6.5)
14.   Scabbs and Yolanda (6.5)
15.   The Freak (6.5)
16.   Crimson Tide (6.5)
17.   The Delivery (6.0)

By itself, the comics section of Kal Jerico averages 7 out of 10. It’s good. Even the lowest on the list aren't bad. Sure, they have their faults, but they’re still enjoyable. Even the biggest slip-ups in these comics are evened out by some good, engaging story.
I did find that I preferred a lot of the earlier stories as lower scores originally were just down to how much cheesier one episode was from another. Later on the stories started to slide in how good they were. Low ratings were often caused by bad continuity, writing, or art. By the time I arrived at Above & Beyond it felt truly refreshing to get my gnashers into something not only good, but fresh. But no single story was entirely dreadful, they all have their qualities. 
That's it for this short post. My next rant will cover my opinions of characters after finishing the comics and what I want to see more of. Maybe even what I'd like them to avoid in the books too. Until then!


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